Billy Paul Branham – Questions and Answers from the Youth

  • Did Brother Branham say what reason he did not allow his family to eat for the rest of the day after taking communion?
  • What did Brother Branham do for Family Devotions, and how did Sister Meda conduct family devotions when Brother Branham was away?
  • What did Brother Branham allow or want his children doing on Sunday when they were not in church?
  • What kind of books were let in Brother Branhams home to be read, and did he read books like Zane Grey after his converstion?
  • How do we know if we have the Holy Ghost?
  • What will happen to my cat after we are gone in a Rapture?
  • How did Brother Branham celebrate Christmas with his family?
  • How did Brother Branham feel about his children dressing up and getting treats during Halloween?
  • What do you feel about having to go to Californian for a stop over while flying?
  • I’ve heard that Brother Branham said not to drive a Mustang car, is this true?
  • Can you remember any special guidelines that Brother Branham had for dating?
  • With Brother Branham gone on the field so much, did he ever take make time for Sister Meda or take her on dates?